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not only git code base, but also r & d management collaboration system

systematic management

cloud high availability warehouse, more efficient and faster. git code management is easier, detailed log records, without dropping any commit records

branch protection

clear branch authority management, with protection branch, improve overall security, orderly and smooth team collaboration

code review

automatically scan incremental code to improve codereview efficiency

development environment

adopt multi-copy high-availability architecture, automatic backup free of operation and maintenance, ensure code security, perfect log audit and notification mechanism, can be effectively traced.

efficient code collaboration

a tree structure is used to display the file list, and the warehouse contents are displayed more clearly

the file details can fully display the data information in the warehouse, and the warehouse data can be seen at a glance

the project can contain multiple code warehouses, flexible use to adapt to different needs

detailed log records, the code is easier to trace back

use mergerequest's code review mechanism to improve code quality

reliable rights management

comprehensive and detailed authority management, suitable for different personnel to manage the contents of the warehouse

set up branch protection mechanism, no longer worry about the destruction of the main branch content

permission setting for warehouse group members, which can also be used safely by outsourcing teams

complete security guarantee

support http (s) and ssh two access protocols, can be freely selected

automatic backup to alibaba cloud, avoiding the trouble of operation and maintenance

use multi-layer risk control model to predict real-time risk behavior

can set up ip access to the warehouse to improve the security level of the code warehouse

warehouse dynamic real-time notification, do not miss an update

codefever developer knowledge sharing

listen to what they say

what are you waiting for? come and start a new code journey, build your own code warehouse

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