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we invite professional legal advisers to protect users' intellenctual property rights legally.

zhiguo mapgyer's legal adviser

zhiguo ma,law professor of xi'an jiaotong university, the director of intellectual property research center which is shaanxi philosophy and social science main research base. doctoral tutor, lawyer, arbitrator, intellectual property forensic person. he is currently vice president of china intellenctual property law research association, director of china society of economic law,shaanxi province decisionmaking advisory commitee of experts, the standing committee of shaanxi provincial people's congress legislative advice experts. part of the province's 12 party, govement, judicial adviser.

experts who enjoy state council special goverment allowances, the first batch of experts library memebers in national intellenctual property office, national intellectual property strategy research backbone experts, obtain the first "china science and technology law outstanding achievement award", was appointed national intellectual property rights overseas experts, shaanxi province major economic activities of intellectual property rights appraisal experts.

shaanxi handian, the law firm directly under the shaanxi provincial department of justice in civil and commercial businessoriented integrated law firm. the firm's main business areas are: intellectual property, real estate development, corporate securities, financing and guarantee, investment mergers and acquisitions, pe(private equity funds)business.