pgyer -凯发k8地址

pgyer distribution


safe and stable

pgyer provides you with 7*24 hours of uninterrupted in-app distribution service

efficient distribution

android / ios models can automatically identify the adaptation application after scanning the qr code

service integration

pgyer sdk and pgyer api will provide you with a variety of test distribution methods


mac client, windows client, wechat applet to meet your different usage scenarios





pgyer membership program

responsive for each team and individual


¥ 0 / month

app save 2 years

daily sms notifications 2 times

daily mail notification 500 times

app download global acceleration

pgyer sdk

pgyer api

pgyer webhook


¥ 1499 / month

personal version of all features

app save 3 years

daily sms notifications 200 times

daily mail notification 2000 times

remove app download install ads

custom app homepage

weekly weekly email notification

pgyer sdk, buy more than just technical testing

develop, test, and go through every step of the process with a powerful set of technical architecture links. build in a variety of aspects, such as visualization, experiencing, and portability, and create more quality mobile applications.

automatic version update

crash collection

"shake" feedback

data statistics


fully automated version management

automatically prompt version update information in the application, which is convenient for updating synchronization anytime and anywhere, with the version management background, version information, build information, download times, etc. at a glance.

download sdk

professional positioning crash information

the pgyer sdk automatically uploads, organizes, and analyzes crash data to help developers pinpoint the problem.

download sdk

"shake" feedback

just “shake” the phone, you can take a screenshot and record the graffiti, upload the device information and photo feedback together. the simple list display in the background is clear and clear.

download sdk

data statistics

the background records the number of downloads, crash times, number of users, error rate and to-do issues, and clear statistics can help you maintain versions and statistics more clearly.

download sdk


personalization can choose to choose the pop-up mode, customize the theme color, customize the "shake" sensitivity and support multiple language versions.

download sdk

pgyer api 2.0

easily manage upload apps without logging in to pgyer

publish/update app

install app

get app information

edit app settings

check for updates

view feedback

pgyer client

pgyer is committed to providing developers with a fast and simple application-based distribution platform that helps developers distribute applications to test users in the easiest way.

wechat applet

manage your app anytime, anywhere

please use wechat to sweep

extreme upload tool

upload apps from the right-click menu

support for mac os x 10.10 or later

mac client

mac user-specific client

support for mac os x 10.9 or higher

windows client

windows user-specific client

support for windows 7 and above