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package app

immediate packaging
self-service operation, rapid distribution
fill out the configuration application information, place an order, and distribute the packaged application on pgyer.
native packaging, safe and stable
native packaging website content, safe and stable
professional customer service, brand services
pgyer customer service is at your service to solve any problems you encounter at any time.
package distribution in just three steps
fill in the configuration information
choose package payment
automatic shelf distribution
what is the package application?
the packaged application converts a single-page website that has been adapted to the mobile terminal into a mobile application, and currently only supports the ios system.
will the package app be dropped?
the packaged application and the enterprise signature mechanism are different, and there is no case of a dropout and a limit on the number of users.
packaged applications can be installed directly?
packaged applications can be downloaded directly and can be used after installing the description file.
can a packaged application be searched in the android market or app store market?
yes, the currently packaged app only supports the ios system and cannot be uploaded to the app store.
how long does it take to package an app?
once the payment is completed, the package is complete.