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app upload in three different ways:

you can upload your apps in three different ways:

  1. upload your app straightly on;
  2. upload your app on pgyer’s desktop clients.
  3. use pgyer’s open api.

upload your app straightly on

click “upload” on the navigation bar of, as shown:

【pic 1】

when you already have an ipa. file or apk. file, you can either click the button named ‘upload now’ or you can drag your file to this area. we will give you a hint when the upload is complete.

if you don’t have a file , you can also click the “create a new app”. as the pic1 shows, you can enter the add page.

application information settings

when you upload your app on pgyer,you can enter the setting page and set some of basic informations of your app, like app name, app url, app introduction and etc.

upload your app on pgyer’s desktop clients

our simple yet powerful desktop clients to manage your apps,upload builds.mac and windows clients are permitted.

pgyer's clients:

use open api of pgyer

our open api helps you manage your apps and upload builds more easily.

try pgyer’s open api: