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ipa file is the ios application installation package file which the extension is .ipa. whether you can correctly package ipa files, is the key to determining whether an ipa file can be properly installed after being uploaded to the pgyer. here's how to properly package an ios app's ipa file.

the ipa file that is applied can be generated in two ways:

  1. use the command line `` `xcodebuild exportarchive -exportformat ipa``` to complete
  2. package with xcode

in view of the second way is simple and fast and also most users are used, so here mainly describes the second ways.

package the ipa file using xcode

first, the target machine will be compiled into "ios device"in xcode, then click "product" -> "archive", as shown:

after archive is successful, you can see the corresponding file in xcode organizer.

next, click on the "distribute app" button in archive information, as shown below:

in the next pop-up interface need to select the certificate type, such as following:

  • if you are using an individual or company apple developer account ($ 99), please select “ad hoc deployment”
  • if you are using an enterprise apple developer account ($ 299), please select “enterprise”

as shown below:

notice:please do not select “ios app store”,otherwise you will not be able to install through the pgyer.

after selecting next, xcode will automatically attach the test device's signature information and export the corresponding ipa file.

for a description of the apple developer account, please read: ios application certificate selection