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is it necessary to integrate pgyer sdk if we just want to release app for user installation?

no,it’s unnecessary.

you can obtain more functions after integrating pgyer sdk, such as version update prompt and user feedback, additional information is available in pgyer sdk introduction.蒲公英 sdk 介绍

how many times can we download and install the uploaded apps from pgyer platform? and how long can we preserve them?

每个app上传的版本下载次数至多100次,ios与相关打包的证书有关系,ad-hoc打包的应用,只有添加了udid的设备可以下载,并且限制100台以内设备。 蒲公英将于七月中旬起,对上传应用的展示时间做了限制。 注意:

  1. 目前每个应用的有效展示时间为90天。
  2. 如果您的应用超出时间,将出现过期页面提示,同时可以去应用管理中点击续签,进行再次发布,有效期从续签算起为90天。



  • 直接发布:使用直接发布方式,用户上传的app将被直接存储到蒲公英,app文件不会被做任何处理。可以安装该app的设备,取决于app本身的打包方式:如果app是用苹果个人开发者账号以ad-hoc方式打包的,则只有app安装包中包含的那些udid对应的设备才可以安装;如果app是以企业账号以in-house方式打包的,则可以被所有设备安装。
  • 仅自己安装:通过此种方式发布的app,只有用户自己可见,且仅自己可以安装。


how to allow specified people to access the app?

here are two ways to realize the function that only allow specified people to access the app:

  • you can set a password for your app when you release it, users who want to install the app wi ll be required to enter the right password.
  • for ios-based apps, developers can use the ad-hoc packaging mode and directly release mode to realize the same function. thus, only devices with specified udids can install the apps.

how to generate a test short link?

the system can generate a 4-character random short address automatically, or you can specify one manually ( as long as the address is not occupied ).

do the apps with different versions share one address?


what’s the reason why it prompts “ can not download app” when ios-based app is installed halfway?

this error may be due to the following reasons:

  • ** the developer doesn’t set up the correct architecture in xcode when generating the app installation. **for instance, if you only add arm64 architecture in xcode, devices such as ipad mini, iphone5 can not install the ipa package ( because these devices are not arm64-architectured ). in other words, only when an app supports the specific architecture of a device can it be installed successfully into the device. therefore, the effective solution is to configure an app to support more architectures when generating its installation. the specific operation is as follows: add armv7, armv7s, arm64 in xcode - build settings - architecture, so that all devices can run the installation; then set the “build active architecture only” into “no” in order to allow all kinds of devices to support the architecture.

  • ** the ios version supported by the app doesn’t match the system version of the current device. ** for instance, if an app is set only to support ios7.0 and above system, it can not be installed on an ios6.1-based device. the appropriate solution is to let the app to support more system versions as much as possible. the specific operation is to set a lower version, such as ios5.0, in “xcode - general - deployment info - deployment target” for the app.

  • **in the case that the app already installed and the same app to be installed are packaged with different certificates, it also leads the installation to fail. **the solution is to uninstall the former app first and then reinstall the new one.

do the ios-based apps released on pgyer support apns (push service)?

absolutely yes. payer will not alter any function of the original app.

what kind of developer account and certificate should i use to package ipa when uploading ios-based app?

you can use any type of apple developer account as well as any type of certificate to package ipa, as long as the certificate you choose can generate ipa normally via xcode.

why is there no response when i click “install” on ios 8?

it is due to a bug of ios 8, you can try to open the “ ios 8 install and repair ” function and reinstall the app to solve the problem. more details refer to “ ios 8 install and repair ”.

does pgyer support the swift application of ios?

yes. payer’s functions such as application distribution and sdk support the swift of ios perfectly.