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pgyer offers a function that can realize ios and android apps merging display, the merged page will show an ios app and an android app at the same time. this page can detect device type automatically, if you are using an ios device, it will only show you the install link based on ios, otherwise the install link based on android. in general, this function is particularly suitable for showing the ios version and android version of the same app. for instance: to show the ios-based and android-based wechat in one page.

the detailed operation to realize ios-based and android-based apps merging display:

  1. click the “apps merging” button in app dashboard page:
  1. choose the uploaded apps on pgyer directly to merge:
  1. it is so easy to merge successfully:
  1. enter any app’s homepage, scan the qr code, the system will show the appropriate version according to your device’s system (ios or android):

is it very convenient? come and experience!