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app crash exception

crash page

in app dashboard, click “crash” enter the app’s crash page, as shown:

【pic 1】

in app crash exception homepage, developer can check the app’s crash statistics, including error rate, pending issues, processed issues, the number of crashes and affected users.

crash trend graph

by checking the crash trend graph, developer can not only acquaint the changes of crash, but also grasp the quality of the ready-to-release version, thus decide which problems have to be solved before the release. as shown in fig.1.‘3’

crash handling

pgyer provides developer with crash state mark function, there are two types of crash state:

  • solved
  • unsolved

as “1” shown in fig.1, developer needs to tick the state which needs converting first and then to modify by clicking “2” in fig.1 after determining the crash state.

filtered crash display

in the crash list, developer can select specific version, state and time node not only by refreshing crash list automatically and inputting key words but also filtering the concerned crashes. as shown in fig.1 “4”.


you can make crash log show more detailed information after symbolization, which is very advantageous for developer to carry on error analysis and localization.

developer needs to upload symbol table problems in order to display crash log in symbolic form. for ios, developer can only check the log information for now. for android, uploading mapping files is required, as shown in fig.1 “5”.

crash log can be symbolically displayed after uploading the symbol table files.

detailed crash log information

in the crash log list, tick the crash log you want to check enter the detailed page (as shown in fig.1 “6”), in which you can see the crash device and system information, crash error thread stack, system log and other information.

【pic 2】

click “1” in fig.2 to modify crash log process state.

click “2” in fig.2 to display in symbolization.

click “3” in fig.2 to check crash log.