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ios sdk

current version:v2.8.9.1 (2018.5.24)

update history:
version: v2.8.9.1 (2018.5.24)
changed the mechanism for checking the update sdk, and now only compare the app's own version and build to determine if there is a new version.
for ios 11 and above, when there is a new version, the check for update method without a callback will no longer jump to safari.

version: v2.8.9 (2017.11.9)
solved the interface adaptation problem of iphone x.

version: v2.8.8 (2017.8.29)
fixed an issue with checking for string display in the update sdk.

version: v2.8.7 (2017.7.19)
fixed an issue with ios 11 screenshots.

version: v2.8.6 (2017.7.2)
solved the compatibility issue of ios 11.

version: v2.8.5 (2016.12.26)
fixed an issue where ios 10 recording failed.
fixed an issue where the ios 10 button text disappeared.
solved the problem of reporting errors on iphone 6 device models.

version: v2.8.4 (2015.11.12)
optimized memory usage.

version: v2.8.3 (2015.10.27)
xcode 7.1 solve the compilation problem caused by the name case of sdk.

version: v2.8.2 (2015.10.08)
resolve the error of the multi-language in app of feedback interface.
solve the archive errors in xcode 7.0.1.

version: v2.8.1 (2015.09.30)
pgyupdate.framework support armv7s architecture.

version: v2.8 (2015.09.25)
support bitcode.
support https.
resolved compiler warning "warning: could not resolve external type c” under xcode 7.
recognition iphone 6s, iphone 6s plus and ipad pro.

version: v2.7 (2015.09.17)
add independent pgyupdate.framework, the main function is to check for updates.

version: v2.6 (2015.09.15)
remove the check for updates feature. note: because the check for updates feature may cause the app to be refused by app store , so check for updates feature will then be available as a separate sdk.

version: v2.5 (2015.08.21)
for constant rename, avoid naming conflicts.

version: v2.4 (2015.08.10)
the new user interface feedback, added a screenshot graffiti.
added english language pack.
repair the sdk will result in slow startup problem, when app have ip address but no network.
fixed info.plist cause cordova prepare error.
fixed can not use wkwebview's app screenshot problems.

version: v2.3 (2015.05.12)
customize feedback interface color themes.
customize shake feedback sensitivity.
add new function of entering email address in feedback interface.
allow reported exception.
if you enter a feedback content, asking to confirm when clicked cancel.
support cocos2d project.
support unity3d projects.
you can call the code to display a user interface feedback.
provide the new version direct download.
use this update based on the need to increase coretelephony.framework previous version introduced in the framework.

version: v2.2 (2015.04.15)
fixed recording length error.
get rid of the shadow of user feedback interface.

android sdk

current version:v3.0.4 (2019.02.27)

update history:
version: v3.0.4 (2019.02.27)
added the ability to set a forced update version on the web side.

version: v3.0.3 (2019.01.08)
compatible with android 8.0 and 9.0.

version: v3.0.2 (2018.09.29)
in the case of adding an update rejection, the sdk callback update checks for an interface that failed.

version: v3.0.1 (2018.09.17)
fixed an issue where the update prompt box might flash.
removed the useless exception prompt.

version: v3.0.0 (2018.06.13)
overall modified the integration of the various features of the sdk and added some new methods

version: v2.8.4 (2018.05.04)
the debugged log has been removed.
fixed an issue where appbean got empty for versionname and versioncode.

version: v2.8.3 (2018.04.10)
modified the logic of the update mechanism and deleted the judgment of the dandelion build number.
the new version is judged by applying its own versionname and versioncode

version: v2.8.1 (2017.11.29)
fix bug

version: v2.8.0 (2017.11.21)
reomove provider config.
fix feedback bug when revolove screen.

version: v2.7.4 (2017.09.08)
fix leaks of feedback.

version: v2.7.0 (2017.07.28)
fix bug & add forced update feature.

version: v2.6.8 (2017.07.21)
fix bug

version: v2.6.5 (2017.07.12)
optimization screenshot function

version: v2.4.2 (2016.08.17)
fixed crash under update in the server instability.

version: v2.4.1 (2016.07.20)
fixed exception error of sdk domain name not found.

version: v2.4.0 (2016.07.14)
add custom feedback.

version: v2.3.7 (2016.06.22)
fixed bug when json data is empty.

version: v2.3.4 (2016.06.16)
fixes bug under a weak network.

version: v2.3.3 (2016.06.13)
fix update bug.

version: v2.3.0 (2016.06.07)
compatible with android 6.0.
modify httpclient to httpurlconnection.

version: v2.2.2 (2015.09.18)
feedbackactivity support immersive.
repair screenshots sometimes incorrect bug.

版本:v2.2 (2015.08.04)
added screenshot graffiti.
added english language pack.
added shake sensitivity settings.
added getappbeanfromstring () method can be more convenient to get the new version.
added shutdown log function.
removed method appid parameters, change in androidmanifest.xml configuration.

version: v2.1.2 (2015.05.12)
added reporting catch abnormal way.
added customize feedback background and font colors in dialog box title function.
add feedback interface enter email address function.

version: v2.1 (2015.04.15)
added update callback interface, you can customize the update dialog.
the new version offers direct download.

version: v2.0 (2015.03.16)
added voice feedback input.
direct feedback interface dialog function call.

version: v1.0 (2015.02.14)
provides crash reporting, shake feedback, the new version detection and update.