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蒲公英 -凯发k8地址

“wechat” (the official website) is a very popular mobile phone communication software, in which pgyer has opened an official account. developer who has followed pgyer’s wechat account can receive notification and manage apps via wechat.


step 1: install wechat.

you need to install wechat first in order to open the relevant functions of pgyer. developer can fulfill the installation via it’s official website.

step 2: follow pgyer’s wechat official account.

scan the following qr code in wechat to fulfill this step.

step 3: bind pgyer account in wechat.

click the “user binding / unbanding” button in pgyer’s wechat official account:

there will be the following binding interface (if the user has binded before, there will be unbinding interface), fill in the login e-mail and password of pgyer in this page to fulfill the binding.