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project type

project online time

within 1 month
within 1-3 months
within 4-6 months
within 7-9 months
within 10-12 months
more than 1 year

project budget

less than ¥10,000
more than ¥500,000

custom development

website building

app development

wechat applet

product prototype

ui design

why choose pgyer outsourcing platform

high level project team

hundreds of elite project teams selected through layers to serve customers through pgyer

tracup real-time management project

convenient teamwork, lightweight project management, complete problem system, and large-capacity file storage are all designed to make the project more efficient and efficient

industry-wide solution library

based on proven product solutions from a variety of industries, combined with existing business, you can quickly identify project boundaries and understand the true value of the project

pgyer expert service

years of application of internal testing and distribution experience, accurate and in-depth collection of user experience, we give you the test you want. sweep up the barriers to go online for your application

the area we are good at

online education

mobile game

internet banking

short video news

electronic business platform

medical health

social application

travel trip

the project process is clear and secure

confirm demand

product manager one-on-one research to confirm the real needs of the project, the platform to coordinate with the qualified service providers of the target industry

signing the contract

pgyer third-party fund custody, relieve the worries of the future, the interests of both parties can be effectively protected

real time monitoring

you can view the progress of the current project at any time by tracup, and the project details are under control

acceptance payment

according to the project plan, phased acceptance, phase payment, full guarantee to the successful completion of the project