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pgyer sdks, not just technical testing.

link development, testing, every step of going online with a powerful set of technical frameworks. in the visual, experiential, portable and other aspects of construction, to create more quality mobile applications.

one line of code to keep track of the whole process

add only one line of code can start to quickly integrate the sdk, making it easy to use multiple functions and apply to multiple test scenarios. professional integrated version automatic update, crash collection, data statistics, user feedback and other scenarios.

version auto-update

crash collection

"shake" feedback

data statistics

personalized setting

"shake" feedback

"shake" to collect bug feedback in-app. with the sdk integration, your user can capture a screenshot and draw comments through "shake" the phone to upload feedback.

"shake" to capture a screenshot

capture a screenshot and draw comments through "shake" the phone to upload feedback.

equipment information

feedback of the device information, to help developers better analyze the real-time situation of the problem, better to solve the problem.

voice feedback

get rid of the poor communication, we add voice input into our sdk to allow you to communicate with developers directly.

simple and clear

a brief list of the interface shows that all feedback is clearly visible.

pinpoint crash information

the pgyer sdks will automatically upload, sort out and analyze crash data to help developers pinpoint the problem.

comprehensive and automated version management

automatically prompt version update information in the application, convenient to update and synchronize anytime and anywhere.

detailed version management settings, version information, build information, download times, etc.

data statistics

the download times, crash times, users, error rate and to-do list are recorded. clear data statistics can help you maintain the version and statistics more clearly.

personalized settings

personalized settings allow you to choose your own pop-ups, define your own theme colors, customize shake sensitivity, and support multiple languages.